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  • AMQ2 series automatic transfer switch PDF

    AMQ2 series automatic transfer switching equipment (hereinafter referred to as switching equipment) is developed by our company adopting the latest technology, suitable for dual power supply system of AC50/60Hz, rated working voltage 380V and rated current 6A-1250A. When the normal powerfails, the switching equipment will transfer to reserve power or generator automatically to guarantee the reliability and safety of power supply. It also can make selective switching between the two lines of power supply according to the demand of loads. The product is featured with protection functions of overload, undervoltage, short-circuit, loss of phase, etc., especially suitable for the important locations where the power failure is not allowed like firefighting, airport, TV station, hospital, emporium, bank, chemical engineering, metallurgy, high-rise building, military facility and so on, to act as an important electric device to guarantee uninterrupted power supply.

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  • AMQ5 series automatic transfer switch PDF

    AMQ5 series automatic transfer switch equipment (ATSE) integrates the switch with logic control, is a new type automatic transfer switch that can really realize the electromechanicat integration.It is applicable for industrial and enterprise distribution systems of rated insulation voltage up to 690V,  rated frequency  50Hz,  rated voltage up to 400V and rated current from  16A to 3200A;  used for automatic transfer  between the normal  power  and reserve power in power supply system or used for automatic transfer and isolation between two load equipment, etc.; the products are widely applied to the important locations such as hospital, emporium, bank, high-rise building, coal mine, telecom, iron mine, highway, airport,industrial assembly line, military facilities and so on where the power failure is not allowed.

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